Our Initiatives
IU Cares
Who Cares? IU Does!
IU Cares is a corporate social responsibility of IU under which various social projects have been undertaken to bring about positive transformation in the world. We believe in creating an impact that can ripple through the society and positively develop all sections of the society.

Currently partnered with social projects from India, Nepal, Philippines, New York & Australia focusing on areas of education, environment, poverty, women empowerment, sports and so on.

Some of the Partner Projects are "Play Forward", "Re-Store", "Nepal Cloth Collection", "Commit 2 Change" and "People the Vision".
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IU Youth-2-Children
IUY2C is aimed to bring awareness to underprivileged students who don't have access to the kind of information we have access to today. This is achieved by volunteers going to government schools and schools in rural areas, and awareness is created through talks.

More than 150 volunteers have reached out to 500+ government schools and imparted useful knowledge to about 1 lakh underprivileged children.

Health, hygene, basics of computers & internet, importance of higher education, values are some of the topics touched upon.
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IU Newspaper Bag
A Reduce Plastics Project
This is a reduce plastics campaign. An initiative to convert the Newspapers into bags of different sizes & provide it to different shopping outlets in the vicinity to encourage them to reduce use of plastic bags.

IU Newspaper Bag Project was featured in Deccan Herald newspaper on 29th November 2012.

More than 200 volunteers have been involved in making and teaching how to make newspaper bags from all over the world. Currently more than 200,000 newspaper bags of different sizes have been made and hence a huge number of people have been encouraged to use less plastic.
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One-Sided Books Project
This project will bring in all the pages which are blank on one side, bind them into a book and share them with those who haven't one.
'Re-use' is the Mantra.

IUOSB was awarded as "Most Innovative Project of the year 2013 that impacted Bangalore in a positive direction" by Radio City 91.1 FM (Broadcasted on 27th Dec 2013).

Also featured in Hindu newspaper on 9th Dec 2013. More than 200,000 one sided sheets collected so far.
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