What we offer
Web Solutions
You could be a personality, an institution, a profit or a non-profit organisation, a company serving thousands of customers, an NGO or just anyone; your presence online shows your work offline. We specialize in designing websites that suit your personal or business needs.
It feels great to be working with the team of Pluwis, who have been the key enables for our quality online presence. Their inputs during developments and timely deliverables is truly commendable. I personally would be happy to recommend their services and happy to work with those guys continuously.
- Chetan Yallapurkar
Founder of 'Mark Your Trails'

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influence · inspire · impact
I3 is a platform to help youth get networked with achievers, walk-in as dreamers and walk out as TRUE IUITEs, walk-in with aspirations & walk out with Inspiration that is Unlimited, walk-in alone and walk with a tremendous network.
I would have loved to be a part of it during my college days. It's of high value to the students because they get to meet & interact with industry experts. Students get to face their fears and shatter their mental blockages at i3 and see themselves transform into the leaders of tomorrow.
- Ashish Vaidya
Senior Software Developer, Amazon
i3 Counsellor

I'm proud of my decision of becomimg a delegate. My dreams are still alive only because of i3.
- Pavithra S
i3 Delegate
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The Marketing Experts
Complete and partial solutions for online & offline marketing and branding of your company / institution / organisation is available at IU.

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Launches / Fund Raisers / Conferences
'Tenuvise Events' is the events wing of IU expertised at Launches, Conferences & Fundraisers. With an experience of conducting conferences & launches that have unlimited inspiration in the air & leave lasting impression on audiences
The speaker carefully entered into our thoughts and finally succeeded to invasde our emotional area with literally bringing tears in our eyes. It was very inspiring mainly because here we had the man who had experimented with his exceptional thoughts and ideas and was also showing the fantastic results.
- Dr. Suma
Professor & HOD
BMS College of Engineering

I was overwhelmed by the transformation he was able to bring about in the students in just 90 mins.
- Ms. Asha ganesh
C B Bhandari Jain College
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IU eMagazine
Inspiration through Information
The tagline being "Inspiration through Information", this is bound to make a difference to you, whether you need a pep talk in a low moment, or you need a strong dose of inspiration to carry out that million dollar idea of yours!
IUeMag "is" just exactly what it is named for "Inspiration." It has gone out into the World, shared, touched hearts and souls, encouraged others to find their voice and along the way IU has grown, grown so much it is amazing! And it will continue to grow while always striving to help others, and to spread joy.
- Patricia Carrigan
Author, Antiserum

Great way to begin and end your day. Inspiring people to believe in themselves is the best gift you can give.
- Ken Ogoye
Founder & CEO of 'Just Save One'
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Taking personality development to the next level
At IU1010, only 10 people are selected per season out of a pool of many applicants. Over a period of 5-6 weeks of activities/tasks with different wings of IU, strong exposure to diversity is observed.
I learnt the art of converting words into action. I now have a vision to progress my nation. I have motivated 2600 students in a short span of just 2 weeks & much more. I will continue to be a true Superstar in life.
- Subhash KC
IU1010 Season 4 Superstar

Approaching & speaking to random people, art of loving and helping people, addressing people and organising events and a lot more was IU1010 for me.
- Aashitha
Season 2 Runner Up Superstar
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IU Clubs
Clubs at School Level
It's an absolute job of a professional to extract the hidden potential in children as childhood is that most critical stage of one's life. IU boasts of having the expertise in this field of having groomed several lives until now and helping them reach the echelons of their passions.
My daughter Disha loves IU Clubs. She used to wait for Wednesdays for the classes. Disha used to shiver on stage earlier. Now she's extremely confident in public speaking. She's a completely transformed girl now.
- Lavanya Kishore
Mother of Disha Kishore,
Class 8, IU Clubs Student

I'm a big fan of Mohan sir. I want to be a part of IU Clubs every year in my school.
Sughosh G Samprathi
- Class 8
IU Clubs Student
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