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Inspiration through Information
iU Online Media is an 'All Positive, No Gossips' Online Media that powers Authors, Entrepreneurs & Summits. With a goal to publish information that is inspiring, positive & knowledge-rich, iU is focused on its mission to make people #DigiWise.
IUeMag "is" just exactly what it is named for "Inspiration." It has gone out into the World, shared, touched hearts and souls, encouraged others to find their voice and along the way IU has grown, grown so much it is amazing! And it will continue to grow while always striving to help others, and to spread joy.
- Patricia Carrigan
Author, Antiserum

Great way to begin and end your day. Inspiring people to believe in themselves is the best gift you can give.
- Ken Ogoye
Founder & CEO of 'Just Save One'
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A conferences based program and a change driven platform that brought together social impacta and personal development with exposure to real time stories from people making their to the top or already there. 300+ conferences done. i3 completed 15 seasons and is expected to restart only on further notification from iU.
I would have loved to be a part of it during my college days. It's of high value to the students because they get to meet & interact with industry experts. Students get to face their fears and shatter their mental blockages at i3 and see themselves transform into the leaders of tomorrow.
- Ashish Vaidya
Senior Software Developer, Amazon
i3 Counsellor

I'm proud of my decision of becomimg a delegate. My dreams are still alive only because of i3.
- Pavithra S
i3 Delegate
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